Passing Kidney Stones

Passing Kidney Stones

How do you pass a kidney stone?
Anyone can have kidney stones. It could be due to hereditary reasons or due to your day to day lifestyle. It also depends on the food you consume. It has been found out that people who use excess of ketchup with their food are prone to having kidney stones. Excess of chocolate usage and drinking cola drinks could result in kidney stones as well. The use of these food items creates oxalates of Calcium and Potassium in our body. Read more about kidney stone symptoms.

Kidney stone could be detected easily by Ultrasound scans. The earlier the stones are detect, the easier it is to get rid of them. If the kidney stone get bigger in size, it becomes very hard to break them and get it out of the kidney. There are some simple ways by which you can get rid of kidney stones easily. Even though, passing a kidney stone is a bit painful process, but it’s better than having surgeries or laser therapies. Find out what are the kidney stones symptoms in women.

If you know that you have kidney stone, then the first thing to do is to increase the amount of water consumption. Make sure that you are drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day. Water does not allow the oxalates to take crystalline form, because the crystalline stones are harder to break. Furthermore, since drinking more and more water would make you pass urine more often. This means that there would be good chance that the insoluble stone pieces are passed out with the urine.

It is understandable that drinking a lot of water could be irritating some times. Therefore, you can add some flavour into the water. You can add lime into it to taste a bit better and lime is good for you health as well as it could react with the stone and break it. You must not use squash of preservatives based juices. These would not help at all, or worse they could increase the stone size in your kidney. Still, you can try to use more and more natural fruit juices like, apple, coconut, pomegranate, etc, as they have added advantages other than being pure.

While in the condition of being close to passing kidney stones, it is essential to avoid food that could increase the stones. As mentioned above, chocolate and ketchup should be avoided at all costs. Avoid drinking any cola drinks, and avoid eating iron rich food like spinach, for the time being as well. It is better to pass away the stones and then eat whatever you want, than to cheat yourself for some small cravings.

Using olive oil and lemon with water could help you pass the kidney stone, as oil is also somewhat insoluble in water and could scrap of some stone while being passed through urine. Passing kidney stone could be a painful experience, so it is essential that you keep your mind focus on some other thought, far away from the pain. It might hurt when even after the stone passes, so you can use some drugs to reduce the pain. Read more about causes of kidney stones.

Diet & Food

Kidney Stone Diet – Importance of Kidney Stone Diet

Have you ever felt pain in your kidney, from flank to groin, in abdomen or in your genital part? Are you noticing blood oozing out along with your urine? Do you often feel like getting restless? If you are growing up with one or more of these symptoms then chances are higher that nephrolithiasis or the formation of stone within your kidney or in the passage of your genital organ is taking place. Read about kidney stone symptoms.

Kidney Stone Diet – Diet for People with Kidney Stone

As mentioned, while it is the consumption of unhealthy or prohibited diet that may result into kidney stone, again it is the balanced kidney stone diet that could avoid the formation of such a threatening stone in your kidney. Following a proper diet chart as prescribed by your dietitian or by your medical practitioner could be helpful in this regard. Most of the doctors recommend two types of dietary modifications to make up for loss caused due to kidney stone, fluid intake and calcium consumption.

Intake of Fluid: Your physician may ask you to raise the level of fluid in your body so that you could be able to urinate at least 2.5 liters of fluid each single day. This in turn necessitates the intake of around 3 liters of fluid on daily basis.

Intake of Calcium: Your meals should contain the daily dosage of calcium as recommended by your doctor. Such an activity helps in binding the harmful oxalate right at the time of digestion to let it pass through the intestines and hence negates its possibility to flow into the bloodstream and affect the kidneys.

Avoidable Diet for People with Kidney Stone
There are certain things that you can better avoid in your diet to prevent the formation of kidney stone after consulting with your doctor. Getting away with oxalate rich food that is heavily responsible for kidney stone is the foremost requirement in this context. Hence eatables and drinks such as beans, tea, green peppers, peanut, meat, wheat bran and soft drinks among others are better to part ways with. Read about kidney stone symptoms.