Kidney Stones Treatment

Kidney Stones Treatment: Most people with their first experience with a kidney stone ends up awfully by getting admitted at the emergency room. He has no idea of what is going on and what steps to be taken when he is diagnosed by kidney stone. Normally, most small kidney stones are removed from the urinary tract without any surgery. But if the pain is severe then it is necessary to undergo lithotripsy, a procedure that applies shock waves to reduce the stones to tiny particles for the expulsion with the urine. Read about kidney stones symptoms in women

There are some cases where the size of the stone is as large as a golf ball and they completely blocks the urinary passage causing extreme pain and sufferings. When the stones are larger, surgery is required to remove the stones from the body. But surgery proves successful if only the patient maintains and follows a healthy lifestyle after the surgery; otherwise there are many chances of re occurrence of kidney stones. Surgery is also recommended when there is a risk of infection in the kidney and when stones take too long to pass out.

The treatment for kidney stone depends on the type of kidney stones. Kidney stone treatment also depends on the causes of your kidney stones. Kidney stones have existed as long as man has existed. This is not fiction, it is a fact.

You can treat most kidney stones without surgery. If the kidney stones are small in size usually less than 5mm, then these kidney stones can be treated by:

  • drinking a lot of water ( 2-3 liters per day)
  • maintaining a healthy and physically active life style

In addition to above steps, you can take medicines prescribed by a doctor, to relieve the pain during kidney stones passing. If the body does not have passed the kidney stones after 1-2 months have passed, it is very likely that the stones will not pass without treatment.

Kidney stones can be successfully treated with proper diet in the majority of patients suffering from kidney stones. There are a few regulations that can treat kidney stones and will prevent the recurrence of kidney stones symptoms. Only a small number of cases require surgery for kidney stone treatment.

The patient, in order to control the amount of acid or alkalinity in urine, need to avoid foods that stimulate the kidneys and work as a stimulus for kidney stones formation.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for information only. This is not a replacement of professional consultation. For any signs and symptoms of kidney stones consult with a doctor.

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