Kidney Stone Prevention

People who have had gone through the pain of kidney stones and had them removed must now worry about their recurrence as this disease eat up a person’s health and make him more vulnerable. There are of course drugs available to help with the prevention but using a proper diet plan is always a better idea than drugs. It is recommended that a person who had a kidney stone history should try changing his dietary habits and use all the proper amounts of nutritional substances to prevent kidney stone formation. If, however, changing the diet is not working then drugs should be used. Read about kidney stones causes. Read about kidney stone symptoms.

There are different types of kidney stones: calcium stones, uric acid stones, crystalline stones and others which are less common. There are different causes for each type of stone and hence a different diet plan should be tailored for each patient. The patient should consult a doctor first who would advise and prescribe specific amounts of different nutritional substances to consume.

The best remedy for kidney stone prevention , however, is drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently. The fluids should contain a high proportion of water which is best for stone prevention. People can also consume juices and drinks but they should check if that particular juice or drink is reducing their risk of stones and not increasing it. This is because there are some juices like apple, cranberry, orange and grapefruit juice which are found to increase the risk of stone formation. Likewise, tomatoes are also found to increase the risk of kidney stones and hence, its consumption should be restricted. On the other hand, lemon juice is beneficial for prevention of calcium stones as it increases citrate levels. The amount of fluids recommended is 10 glasses each day and for crystalline stone patients the recommended amount is more than a gallon of fluid. Patients should not feel lazy when drinking and urinating and they should keep a bottle of water on their bedside table when they go to bed and drink during the night also.

The other thing which is beneficial for kidney stone prevention is a low sodium and low protein diet with normal calcium diet. Some people, who had calcium stones, start to take low calcium diet with no change to their sodium and protein intake. But this type of diet plan is not as effective as taking normal recommended amount of calcium but with low sodium and low protein especially animal protein. This is because these substances increase the level of uric acid and oxalate and reduces citrate levels which, cause kidney stones to form.

However, there are certain cases in which there are other health problems like thyroid problem which cause kidney stones to form. In that case, those problems should be treated first to prevent kidney stone formation. In thyroid problem, the doctor can remove the thyroid gland causing the problem through surgery. Read more about kidney stones symptoms in women and causes of kidney stones.

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