Kidney Insurance – Why you need Kidney Stone Insurance?
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Knowing How To Go About Kidney Stone Insurance

Kidney stone, a fairly common ailment, has a high occurrence. It can develop due to a number of reasons, primarily lack of water and proper exercise, sitting in one position for long. The stones often pass via the urinary tract unnoticed, but in case of larger stones, formation will lead to blockage and intense pain. Read about kidney stone symptoms.

Can people with Kidney Stones get a health insurance?
Yes, people having this illness can still apply for a health insurance; of course with certain stipulation & conditions. If you develop stones after having applied for a health insurance, the insurance company can choose not to cover insurance for a certain initial period, differing from firm to firm and with the individual’s age. In case, you already had the kidney stones, your health insurance would be drawn under different clauses.

Insurance Options for Those Having Kidney Stone
Kidney stones do not render you non-eligible to apply for a health insurance. This is fruitful for low-income families who cannot meet all the medical bills quite easily. Various forms of insurances can be availed by a kidney stone patient. Some of these are mentioned here:

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Impaired Life Annuities
  • Kidney Stones and Travel Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance
In order to avail coverage from such an insurance policy, you need to show evidence of the disease condition and the state, it resides presently. Judging from the general health & disease condition, critical illness insurance is granted. However, people with kidney stones cannot always hope to get critical illness insurance.

Life Insurance
The same applies for getting coverage from a life insurance policy as well. Although, under special conditions, the insurance can come forward and cover all the claims, the case and chance is quite low for a kidney stone patient.

Income Protection Insurance
If the kidney patient brings up accurate documents and meets various criteria, there is a high chance that income protection insurance can secure his covers and bills; however, in order to get it, patient has to be precise & methodical.

Private Medical Insurance
Not all people suffering from kidney disease can hope to get extra bills coverage by medical insurance policies, thanks to many frauds and eager hands. Therefore, unless you can show all the records in the right way, do not entertain hopes on private medical insurance coming to your rescue. However, it does provide certain coverage for extensive medical bills.

Impaired Life Annuities
This kind of insurance can be proved more helpful and if you can manage to get full details and history of your kidney disease, you have a greater chance to get funds from this insurance.

Kidney Stone and Travel Insurance
Before traveling for larger distances, it is a good move to get travel insurance. Apply for one and secure certain benefits at ordinary or special rates, depending upon your disease state. Before you can be granted, your proper medical examination is taken and only then a decision is made.

Some Questions That Are Asked When Applying For Travel Insurance

  • Your present case regarding kidney stones.
  • Number of renal colic attacked for the past 2 years?
  • Do your kidneys function or completely impaired?
  • Are you on dialysis?

Prepare answers to all these questions in advance, to have a greater chance to avail the insurance. Read about kidney stones symptoms and causes of kidney stones.

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